Fleet Street, London: the historical road of english journalism

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September 16, 2015 by newsgetting

Fleet Street, London: the historical road of english journalism

Fleet Street, in London, is the historical road of the great English newspapers.
Its name comes from the Fleet river that crossed the road and that now flows under the same Fleet Street.
Fleet Street was the place of major british newspapers until the 80s.
Even if all the journals that, by their presence, made ​​of Fleet Street “the way of journalists”, moved elsewhere in the city, Fleet Street is still considered as the main synonymous with the Anglo-Saxon journalism.

St Bride’s Church, located in the eastern part of Fleet Street, is the londoner church known as “the church of the journalists”.

Notwithstanding the transfer of the offices of various newspapers that, in the past, characterized the place as “the road of journalists”, even today, Fleet Street continues to be dubbed as “Street of Ink”.

Today, of the journalistic presence along Fleet Street there are only meaningful memories.

Memories of newspapers and journalists read, studied and often admired.

Memories of stories that someone told you.

Memories of stories that you read.

Memories of journalists, of colleagues of the past.

Memories of brothers of another age.

Marco Mancinelli
Freelance journalist


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