Internazionale A Ferrara 2014: The Passion For The Journalistic Narrative


October 20, 2014 by newsgetting

Internazionale A Ferrara 2014_The Passion For The Journalistic Narrative

Internazionale A Ferrara 2014_The Passion For The Journalistic Narrative

From our own correspondent in Italy, Marco Mancinelli

The eighth edition
of the Internazionale A Ferrara, journalism festival organized by the italian magazine Internazionale has exceeded 70.000 admissions between 3 and 5 October.
The growing positive trend of the festival goes on: the people presence increased of 12% over the previous year.
As communicated by the press office of the event, the festival transformed Ferrara in the the most large newsroom of the world“.
Among the many events that have taken place, some of them in contemporary, and the many suggestive locations of journalistic kermess hosted by the beautiful city of Ferrara, in particular, some have offered specific inputs on which to reflect in order to trends about journalism of today and of the next future.
Surely, it is the case of the interesting conference “Information under pressure. Journalism between ethics and economic sustainability, whose debate was moderated by Tonia Mastrobuoni (La Stampawith the participation of Anguel Beremliysky (press officer of the Representation in Italy the European Commission), Iñigo Dominguez (El Correo), Lee Marshall (british freelance correspondent from Italy) and Eric Jozsef (Libération).
During the debate, it emerged that, in general, the editors of printed media tend more and more to operate without abroad correspondents and without journalistic investigationa, because of the excessive costs.
In particular, Tonia Mastrobuoni said that “in the nineties and at the beginning of the millennium, publishers slept during the Internet boom and free information that circulates on line really spoiled the readers.
The scenario is clear: during the last ten years, the publishing crisis posed important questions about the future of printed journalism. Concrete solutions are slow in coming, except in rare and sporadic exceptions”.
Forty years but it doesn’t feel like it” was the title of the meeting of David Randall, a veteran of british journalism (The Independent On Sunday), with the students of the Roiti High Schooland “Ariosto High School of Ferrara.
Randall explained the salient episodes of his long career, talking about journalistic ethics, processes for the research and treatment news
With great sympathy, Randall has literally given the young audience many inputs and advices about how making and how not making journalistic work: in particular, on the use of excessive images and on the greater importance of work “in the field” respect to work at the desk, although necessary.
In fron of the question “What do you think of Twitter as a journalistic tool?by a student, Randall answered “For a reporter, Twitter is primarily a tool of personal promotion“.
Among the many presentations of books written by journalists, certainly the presentation of “La Guerra Dentro” (The war within) by Francesca Borriitalian freelance reporter, left many deep feelings in the audience.
Presented by Luca Sofri, director of The Post, the meeting with the author pointed out the practical implications, journalistic and human for a reporter in a war zone: Syria told by Francesca Borri, after a period spent dangerously in Aleppo, is the symbol of a journalistic story focused on the representation of what the term warreally means for the part of mankind who lives it on his own skin.
During all the meetings of the Internazionale a Ferrara, there was a twofold confirmation: despite the complex changes induced by Internet, the critical phase of the economy and the obstacles which are affixed (from time to time) by the enemies of freedom of information, the passion for the journalistic narrative resists and this has been demonstrated
, in particular, thanks to the many young people who crowded all the festival days.
By Marco Mancinelli
Italian Journalist and Media Analyst

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