Information and Economic Topics

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March 14, 2014 by newsgetting

Information and Economic Topics

Information and Economic Topics

More and more people talk about economic issues by using hard tones: I don’t think it’s an useful thing as for the strong need of clarity that should always characterize a national economic system in which economic operators (companies and professionists) and workforce (employees, of course, but also the so-called atypical workers) are called to act and to invest their energies in a given area than in another.
The questions and topics of discussion are so many…
The economic recovery arrives or does not arrive?
What are the real effects of the financial trends on the development of stock exchanges around the world?
In our country, how the price level has grown and what is the real entity of the inflation?
What are the prospects for our economy and what measures are actually viable to support it?
The information media (television and not only) have accustomed us for a long time to incorporate different voices and different opinions but that, often, tend to become mutual claims and accusations shouted: try to think to the frequent clash between economists’ current government area with those of the parliamentary opposition (and vice versa). 
Try to think about news and comments almost diametrically opposed that make their appearance on the pages of newspapers: there are those who minimize the problems and there are those who dramatizes them.
Let’s say the truth: at least about the issues linked to the economy and to employment, we often would like to be citizens of a  more mature and more pragmatic country and, by the way, closer to the real common interests.
As journalists, we all always must work in order to base our analysis on the data, on real trends, about what really is and not on what we would like to.
In other words, who wants to engage in a debate for offering a rational and not partisan contribution, be always the welcome one, but, at the same time, who (and they are so many) wants to discuss providing a partial and not focused on reality information, do the next best thing: shut up right now.
By Marco Mancinelli
Italian Journalist and Media Analyst


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