The Time of The Information 2.0

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December 10, 2013 by newsgetting

The Time of The Information 2.0, by Marco Mancinelli

The Time of The Information 2.0, by Marco Mancinelli

The Professional Information in the Web 2.0 Era“: this is the title of the last year on line poll organized by AxiCom with the aim to analyze how the new channels influenced the social experience of journalists and opinion leaders.
One on five respondents said they had begun to use social networks for professional reasons and, despite media professionals evaluate positively the entrance on the stage of blogs (80%) and social networks (84%), three quarters of respondents said that their usefulness is undoubtedly overestimated, although 62% of those who call themselves bloggers, are in disagreement with this statement.
On the other hand, the survey showed that 70% of professionals believe that the new channels of social communication have a negative impact on traditional media, even if (in the case of bloggers) opinions are equally divided for and against.

Here are the most relevant data emerged from the survey:

• Nearly 75% says that social networks have transformed the value of the media.
• 42% believes that with social networks it gets lose value for a scoop.

Among the benefits that emerge from the survey, it should highlight how social networks are popular because:

• Provide a more immediate (92%)
• They promote new channels of distribution (90%)
• They allow information to reach a wider audience (85%)
• They are a good tool for finding the latest information (87%).

In addition:

• 56% uses Twitter as a source of information and often as a means of dissemination of their articles (60%).
• 52% says that the social network LinkedIn has chosen to establish relationships with individuals and companies of interest (52%).
• Facebook is used for fun (53%) or to keep in touch with friends (66%).
• Google+, Tweet, Xing, Hi5 and MySpace are not very popular among the respondents.

As regards the devices more used to this end, leads the PC, so the work (80%) than at home (78%).
Although smartphones are becoming more common (57%), only 22% use them for work.
As for the tablet, 30% using them (both professional and private).
In a future perspective, 76% thinks that within the next 5 years on line media shall rule the italian media scenery.
The main aspects that define the 2.0 reporter time shall ensure the survival of the credibility (43%) and rigor in disseminating information (25%).

These are meaningful data to get to think over.
In my opinion, these are the questions to propose for new paths of research and analysis:
  • What’s the real story?….
  • About the feedback…
  • The role of infocitizens…
  • The connection among (super) new media and journalism quality…
  • A long wave of new news….but, less is more or not?

Marco Mancinelli
Italian Journalist and Media Analyst


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