NRS: Guardian site has 523K more UK readers than Mail Online

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August 29, 2013 by newsgetting

The latest combined print and website circulation figures for the UK have been released, showing that the Guardian has increased its lead over the Telegraph by a further 100,000 readers. According to the newly released NRS PADD (National Readership Survey Print and Digital Data) report, the Guardian now has 1.7 million more monthly readers than the Telegraph, compared to May when this figure was 1.6 million. The statistics also show that the Guardian is the most-read news site in the UK with 10.4 million readers, 523,000 more than the Mail Online which has 9.9 million. The Guardian took over from the Mail Online as the most read daily newspaper website in the UK in March. The report is based on NRS data from July 2012 to June 2013 and comScore data from June 2013. Duplicates are removed so people who read online and in print are not counted twice. The Guardian and Telegraph have each held the top spot for quality dailies since the National Readership Survey data started releasing the report in September. The Guardian and Observer print editions and the Guardian website had a monthly readership of 12.7 million for the reported period. The Telegraph had 11 million UK web and print readers. The figures show that the Guardian has a monthly print circulation of 4.7 million, and monthly web readership of 10.4 million. The Telegraph had 4.9 million print readers and an online audience of 7.7 million. The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Mail Online have a combined readership of  nearly 20 million (19.9 million) in the UK. (The population of the UK is 63.7 million people.) The print editions of the Mail have a monthly readership of 13.7 million, and Mail Online has a UK readership of 9.9 million. Global figures for the Mail Online for July show a readership of 134 million, according the Audit Bureau of Circulation. The Sun has a monthly combined readership in print and online of 18.3 million, Monthly print readership was 15.6 million and online was 4.6 million. The data was collected before the Sun paywall went up on 1 August. The Daily Mirror and People, along with their websites, have 13.3 million UK readers, with 7.6 million of those print and 4.5 million online. Metro has a combined readership of the free morning pick-up and website of 11.6 million. Print circulation is at 10.4 million, while online is at 1.9 million. Combined readership for the London Evening Standard is 5.7 million, with 4.8 million in print and 1.3 million online. National Readership Survey data does not include international readership or those accessing websites from devices such as smartphones, tablets or apps.
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