Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off All Photographers

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June 4, 2013 by newsgetting

We all know the newspaper industry is in transition, but this newest development is quite a jolt. The Chicago Sun-Times has laid off its entire photography staff. No, the newspaper isn’t going to be without photographs. The paper says it’ll use freelance photographers and train reporters to shoot photos and video. The Sun-Times says the reason behind the move is that more people want video. Its competitor, the Chicago Tribune quotes a source that says the Sun-Times isn’t profitable. Cutting these 28 positions will definitely save some money. But there may be a price to pay. The union that represents many of the photographers says it’ll file a charge with the National Labor Relations Board. Critics are already questioning how the move will impact the look of the Sun-Times. They wonder how the paper’s visually intense front page might change and whether reporters can adequately use the creative side of their brain to snap pictures while also getting the facts of a story. With changing technology, merging job functions is becoming more common throughout media. Even in television, where the two to three person crews of the past are being replaced with “video journalists” who are required to shoot video and report the news. Those VJs wouldn’t think a newspaper reporter having to capture images would be any big deal. It’s likely this trend will continue because companies can save a lot of money on salaries, health insurance and retirement plans by cutting headcount. That decision becomes even more attractive when a smartphone can produce photos and video that are publication and broadcast quality. For anyone working in media, it’s good to know the 10 essential video tips to get professional results. You never know when your boss will require you to produce stunning visual content in addition to your everyday duties.
By Glenn Halbrooks,

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