Condé Nast Makes Changes to Grow Magazine Brands

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March 21, 2013 by newsgetting

Magazine publisher Condé Nast is branching out into online video as a way to build its magazine brands. Soon, avid readers of Glamour and GQ will get to enjoy original video series on the magazines’ websites, mobile devices as well as on dedicated YouTube channels. In addition, Condé Nast is adding to the role of Anna Wintour, its legendary Vogue editor, by naming her the company’s artistic director. In her new position, Wintour will help decide the look and feel of publications beyond her cherished Vogue. At a time when some magazine companies are retreating because of economic and technological challenges, Condé Nast is clearly pushing ahead. For its new venture into online video, it’s secured sponsorships from Procter & Gamble, Microsoft and Mondelēz International, three large companies that also see a future in magazine publishing. That commitment is what makes the company’s video series more than just a sideline folly — a “let’s do video because we can” diversion. That would’ve taken attention away from its core mission. Instead, it has clearly mapped out four unique online series for each magazine. Glamour will focus primarily on fashion, with shows like Elevator Makeover and Fashion Week Ride-Along. Naturally, GQ hits the usual guy topics, with series including Fighting Weight and Car Collectors. It’s important to note that these shows are providing new content, not just sales pitches for the magazines, like a preview of what’s in the next issue. They sound like shows you might find on a cable TV channel. While they might be on the Internet rather than television, they have the advantage of a solid branding base from two of the country’s best-known magazines. As publishers search for ways to save the magazine industry, all eyes will be on Condé Nast. With Wintour’s new role and these new Internet series, the company is forging a path that others may be eager to follow.

By Glenn Halbrooks ( Guide)


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