Press Relationship, How To Survive

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November 13, 2012 by newsgetting

According to the most important gurus of Communication Theory, journalists don’t behave as friends. Never. This is one of the most important axiom that a Responsible for Communication Department have to consider when decides to start a communication’s campaign. The rule is: younger are worse. Young journalists in fact need to demonstrate their value in front of their bosses, so they try to unearth information from the companies especially when there is something not clear.

They can phone to the company pretending to be someone else and starting to ask anything they need to know speaking with someone unauthorized person who doesn’t know how to speak with the press. Journalists can also misunderstand a speech or an interview (casually or willingly) causing a huge damage for the company with his articles. This is the reason why only 2 or 3 manager (usually CEO, General Manager and Communication or Marketing Manager) are in charge of managing the relations with the press, especially in multinational or listed company.
Having said that the relationship with the press is something to cultivate and feed every day not only with patience and perseverance, but also with fairness and politeness in order to gain journalists’ trust. It is extremely important to know very well the journalist you are going to meet: which is his/her role inside the editing of his/her newspaper, which sectors he/she is interested in, which are his/her last 5-6 articles written…
And it is extremely important too, to train the company’s spoke person to talk with the press. It is necessary to decide which information can be communicated and which not (for examples: financial figures, investments, local turnover, …), and how to respond in case of trouble questions. A good thing to do if something wrong has happened such as a bad article, or a leakage of information before the public announcement, is to contact the journalist, inform about the source and negotiate a counter-interview in order to reset the company’s credibility. Journalists are always available to give the possibility for a counter-statement. If something wrong happened with the journalists, the speaker has the responsibility. Every spoke person has to know how to communicate in the best way, using his/her ability to vehicles the write message and avoiding misunderstanding.

By NewsGetting staff


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