Journalism and social networks: Internazionale in Ferrara

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November 8, 2012 by newsgetting

Journalism and social networks: Internazionale in Ferrara

From our own correspondent in Italy, Marco Mancinelli
An occasion full of cultural and professional inputs on the complex world of mass media, a meeting with journalists from all over the world: this is what was breathed during the days of the sixth edition of the “Internazionale a Ferrara“, the festival of journalism organized by the italian magazine Internazionale.
Numerous and extremely significant the speakers who partecipated in the various stages of the festival of Ferrara for telling about their experiences as for new media, social networks and
, of course, freedom of information.
During the festival, many speakers told about the actual and difficult economic situation of the global economy and, in particular, about what happened and is happening on financial markets, including speculative bubbles and “strange” use of financial resources by not a few stock market operators and
In this regard, particularly rich in meaning was the testimony of Shawn Carrié, a member of the peaceful protest movement “Occupy Wall Street“, who illustrated how, even and especially in US society, certain behaviors marked by repeated abuse by
financial capitalism have created impactful consequences on the social tissues: a complex issue to be explored and not only by who, as journalist, usually writes about economic issues, but also social issues.
In addition to the long list of names and journals who have given birth to an information festival for three days and reported in detail on the website of Internazionale magazine, 
at least three prevalent aspects in terms of trends told by the actual world of journalism and closely linked among them: the social networks, the evolution of the financial world and the so-called Arab Spring.
Social networks, Twitter and Facebook, are experiencing a phase of intensive development and growing importance in the world of information.
Twitter, in particular, has opened a new channel of communication in real time: in fact, there are many cases where certain “hot news” came to the attention of editors around the world thanks to the posts written and
placed on line by people who have observed events of public interest.
The most important moments of the Arab Spring, the movement of young arabs for the streets, risking their personal safety and claiming civil and political rights: from Twitter, the daily news have reached the pages
of magazines all over the world, and, not infrequently, come before the indispensable contribution of traditional press agencies.
As for the difficult economic and financial moment, not only italian but at international level too, one of the priorities of who operates on journalism field is to go deeper in telling a story concerning a fact,
a trend and the resulting social sentiment.
The way to tell the news, in this area, must allow an easy use by all types of readers and must not be restricted to a target of expert readers.
The first value to ensure, therefore, is not only the freedom of information, but also the freedom of reading and understanding the news.
There are many images that remain of the festival: the analysis dedicated to Twitter by David Randall (Independent on Sunday), the testimony of Don Luigi Ciotti (Libera) on the experience of cooperatives about confiscated lands to organized crime, the daily press review by Luca Sofri and his editorial staff (Il Post), as well as many other moments, some of them not directly included in the program of the festival, but happened in
contemporary with it, such as the beautiful and evocative exhibition of paintings by the Mozambican artist Malè, “The Universe In A Drop”, at the Palazzo della Racchetta and organized with enthusiasm by the Gruppo Zuzuma.
Internazionale a Ferrara is an international event of meetings with the media world, but also much more: the passion for communication, for culture, for the story and, undoubtedly, for the information.
Lastly, a personal note: during the days of the festival, there was the feeling of being in a different country, where the story, the debate and the exchange of professional experiences, cultural and human too, together with the desire to understand
more deeply what’s happening in contemporary society, become a real added value, as well as an effective moment of individual training.
Beyond the stereotypes, Internazionale a Ferrara has been and is all that.
By Marco Mancinelli (italian journalist, PressWeb Editor)

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